Dating – Long Distance vs. Short Distance

Something I have been thinking about the past few years,  and even more about the past few months is long distance relationships vs. short distance (local) relationships. After a lot of thought,  I think I would enjoy the long distance much better, for a multitude of reasons.

I feel much more comfortable online, first off, than I do in person. It takes a lot these days to get me comfortable with new people,  especially when I start to put up impenetrable walls. I tend to put up no walls with online friends.

There’s definitely a romantic factor in online relationships. I have always had the fantasy of meeting my one true love on a mutual game. Plus, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. The farther away they lived, the more special it would be when we got to be together in person.

I feel like there would be less pressure dating someone online than dating someone local. I live in a small town,  so there’s not much to do around it. We have bars and casinos,  which none of those are really my thing (though I do love drinking and playing bingo). Online dates can be cheap, free, and even priceless. We can have Skype chats, play online games together,  phone sex, etc. Locally, unless you are going to watch Netflix and chill (sorry, I had to. Lol), most things will cost money, whether its bowling,  the movies,  or getting a bite to eat.

Overall,  a long distance relationship sounds way better than a short distance one. That is probably because I have been broken beyond repair. Until someone can break down those walls I have barricaded myself into, I will stay online where I feel safest.

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