Third Times the Charm

June 2014 I was in a car accident. I tried to go to work the next day, but left a couple hours into my shift to go to the doctor,  as I hadn’t been yet and was really starting to feel it. She gave me a week off work and told me to go get an xray at some point. This was on a Tuesday.

Thursday I finally decided to go get the xray over with, mostly because I had to have it to get the ok to get back to work. My mom took me to get it done, and dropped me back off at home. Just when I was sitting down to eat, she was knocking on my door.

She and the doctor had been trying to call me, bu t I didn’t hear my phone in the other room. I called the doctor back, who told me the technician found a fracture in my neck and needed to go to the ER right then for a CT scan.

I went into my room to grab my keys and took out my nipple piercings,  since I figured they wouldn’t be good for the scans. That’s when I found out I had three fractures in my neck; two nondisplaced, and one slightly displaced.
When I got back home I tried to get my piercings back in, but the holes had closed up a tiny amount in those few hours. I didn’t want to hurt myself by forcing them back in so I left them out. I was so bummed! 

Fast forward a year later and I find out my supervisor at the time did piercings on the side. I talked to him about it, and he said he could redo mine. There was a huge appeal there, since he was my supervisor and he would basically have to fondle my breasts.

A few months later I got a new job in a different department. Having him repierce me lost its appeal. It wasn’t as naughty.

Around Christmas time my roommate and I discussed us going half and half on getting them redone. I started calk ing around to the piercing shops, but none of them would let me use the barbells I already had, and I couldn’t justify buying new jewelry ay that price when I know what I have is good.  We talked it over, and decided to have my old supervisor do it.

The day of the piercings,  I stopped at the store and picked up a huge bottle of wine. I needed to be relaxed and knew that alcohol was the best way to go, as this would be the third time of having my nipples pierced. The thought made my scar tissue hurt. 

I had just finished my bottle when he showed up. He did an amazing job, and was very professional,  something I wasn’t expecting.

Hopefully third time is the charm and I won’t need to repierce them again, but if I do, I want it to be done by him.

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