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A little over a month ago I started talking to a guy on a dating site. We met up for coffee,  which turned into lunch and a movie. We saw each other once after that. He wanted to hang out again, but something didn’t feel right so I kept making excuses on why I couldn’t.

I didn’t want to get rid of him altogether,  just in case it was just my self conscious and emotional walls. Something didn’t feel right with him though.

I just wasn’t impressed,  to be completely honest. Soon after meeting,  he quit his job “to be able to relax by playing more video games and sleeping. He didn’t have a car, and come to find out he didn’t have a license,  nor did he plan to get one. So many things about him reminded me of my latest ex. I just couldn’t get interested.

The last few days he’s been talking to me every day, asking when I might be available. I stayed noncommittal in my answers. Today he made me feel like I had to justify my work/sleep schedule and proceeded to tell me that my life sounded awful.

I was done at that point, but apparently so was he because next thing I see os him telling me that we weren’t right for each other because I’m never available and we are at different stages in our lives.

I am relieved,  to be honest. He couldn’t have said it better, and I didn’t quite have the words to say it that would have put it nicely. So, I am relieved on having one less excuse to make.

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