March 2016

Pure Pleasure

The episode ended and we stayed there in each other’s arms. Neither of us wanted to get up to push play for the next episode. Throughout the show we had been slowly stripping each other until he was only in his thong, and I in my favorite red lingerie and panties. I smiled with content, letting my hand travel all over him, still learning his body. I slid my hands… Read More »Pure Pleasure

TMI Tuesday – Never Have I ever, Or Have I?

Hey there! Another week, another TMI Tuesday posted. 1. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained? I have not for sex, but I have orgasmed quite loudly a few times and my roommate heard. This happened on several occasions, on the same night. She let me be and giggled at me the next morning for it. 2. Ever had kids or parents bust in… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Never Have I ever, Or Have I?