I think I have mentioned before the wall I have put up a wall when it comes to people. I would still meet people on the occasional coffee date, but a second date was rare, and I was far from interested in letting them into my life as more than friends. A few good ones actually showed romantic interest (not just sexual) in me, but I closed myself off even more. I just didn’t see myself as compatible with them. It was even worse when people I used to really like hurt me more times than I count and showed interest again (particularly J).

Shortly after Valentine’s Day I got a random friend request from a former employee at the place I work. I added him, mostly because I was curious who he was. We had a lot of friends in common, so I figured “Why not?”

Within an hour of accepting his friend request he was chatting with me on messenger. I asked who he was and he refreshed my memory of him. We chatted back and forth for a while, getting to know each other. We never really had the chance to before at work. We had a lot in common.

He informed me that he planned on moving as soon as finances allowed to another state. We made plans to meet up at least once before he left. He started referring to it as a date, so I went with it. I honestly really didn’t have high expectations. I figured it would just be like another awkward coffee date, only this time more awkward since it was dinner and a movie.

As expected, dinner was a tad awkward, but not as bad as I had anticipated. We had a lot to talk about and there were very few uncomfortable pauses while we figured out what to say next. We talked up until it was time to head to the movie, then hopped in our separate cars and went down the road to the theater.

I got to the movies first, and got a little nervous when he seemed late? Ha, maybe he decided against the second half of date 2? Nah, he showed up a few minutes later. We found a seat in the middle of the room.

Halfway through the movie he took my hand. It felt really nice. The theater in particular had liftable arm rests, so we were able to cuddle nicely. Too soon the movie was over…

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