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Blindsided Pt. 2

We spent the next few weeks talking, and every Friday he would come over. The first Friday I invited him over for dinner and Game of Thrones, which he planned on introducing me to. I cooked him my specialty, a Mexican lasagna. I made sure to shave and groom in all the proper places. That is when I realized how much I had let myself go.

It felt really good to put in an effort again on how I looked, felt, and even smelt. I also realized how conditioned I was when it came to preparing for someone to get me in the bedroom. I taught myself to expect naughty things when I shaved my pussy, even my legs. It was no accident when I put on matching bra and panties. I got turned on smelling my more expensive body spray when I used it.

Things went well with him and I at first. I found him sweet and respectful. He was the total opposite of the guys I tend to go for, both physically and intellectually, though we did share a few common interests. Unfortunately he had quite a bit of baggage, but I was willing to overlook it. I knew from the start not to get attached, as he was still currently living with his ex and planning on leaving the state to get back on his feet with his buddy once the funds were put together.

That first night he came over we spent a long time chatting before we actually got to eating and watching GoT. When we finally did get to watching the show, it was on my bed (as there is no other TV in the apartment). We cuddled a bit, which felt amazing. We got a little handsy, but it stayed above the waist. Towards the end of the show we found ourselves smiling at each other, not paying much attention to the show. He leaned forward and our lips touched. We shared a few more kisses throughout the rest of the evening; nothing too hot and heavy, but classy and respectful.

After a few episodes it was time for him to go home. When we got up and reached my bedroom door (that was shut because my roommate was home) he noticed my over the door toy rack. After taking great pains to hide all things naughty, I completely forgot about my rack. We kind of chuckled about it, and I explained about getting stuff to review. I then showed him a few of my favorites. I then walked him out to his car and we hugged and kissed. It was hard to say goodbye. I made a crack about how I hope he forgot something that he would have to come back for. He laughed at that and was on his way.

The next day I came home and saw his phone charger sitting where he charged his phone the day before. I chuckled to myself and texted him where it was. He came over the next day to get it. We had leftover lasagna and watched another episode, but something felt different. I got the feeling that he didn’t really want to be there. We didn’t cuddle like we did the night before. As soon as the episode was over, he was out the door, charger in hand. I messaged him later and asked what was going on and he said that I worry too much.

The next Friday he came over again, and he was extremely late, with not much care about it. I was a little annoyed, as I had dinner ready. We got into watching more GoT and cuddling. Towards the end of the evening he fell asleep. I felt a bit awkward, but I let him sleep. At the end of the episode he woke up and I suggested that he stay the night. We watched one more episode and then called it a night.

In the middle of the night I woke up to him talking. At first I thought he was talking to me, but quickly realized he was sleep talking. He kept apologizing, and when I asked what he was sorry for, he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock.

I couldn’t help myself and started rubbing him everywhere; his cock, legs, and stomach. He started to wake up then (more than he already was) and began to kiss me. He told me it was getting to be too warm, so I suggested that we strip a bit. He agreed to that and removed several layers of clothes. It wasn’t long before were were both in our underwear.

We began feeling each other all over, exploring where we didn’t explore before. He found my nipples and was very excited to find out that they were pierced. I put my hand on his stomach and moved down to his cock, my index finger circling his head, then moving up and down the shaft, feeling his length.

“You’re playing with fire,” he said in a playful voice.

“You don’t want me to?” I asked innocently.

“Oh, I do, but I think we should wait,” he said hesitantly.

“Heh, damn. Ok,” I responded, a little defeated.

We continued to cuddle and slept nearly naked in each other’s arms the rest of the night. He woke up early the next morning for work and I walked him to his car after we got dressed. I went back to bed.

We chatted all week, and he spent the next Friday with me, where we actually did have sex and it was awesome.

After that we quit hanging out. He decided to go back to his ex and work on things with her. He was very apologetic about the whole thing, but I was totally ok with the situation. He brought my sexuality back, which was the best gift I could have ever been given. I would do it all again and plus some.




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