June 2016

Book Sale

There has been a series that I recently came across and fell in love with. It’s a three book series by James Crawford. Until the end of this weekend you can get the whole ebook series together for just $0.99. If you like reading about supernaturals, this is the series for you. I would describe it as a supernatural pre-apocalyptic romance. So check it out. You can’t beat $0.99.

TMI Tuesday – Sexy Thoughts

TMI Tuesday, of course.😀 Sexy Thoughts Fill-in-blank or answer accordingly. 1. You are looking at your lover. You say, “I’d love to ___suck your cock__ .” 2. In a chat with your best female friend you say, “You look really sexy when you wear __those jeans___ .” 3. Name the one piece of lingerie you would love to see a man wear. Thong 4. I wish I did more ___fucking__… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Sexy Thoughts