Probably Not Friend Zoned

It was probably my low self confidence, but I got the feeling I was getting friend zoned until he asked me to dinner Monday night. After a lot of back and forth texting, the place we wanted to try was closed Mondays. We settled for Wednesday since I had plans Tuesday.

I was nervous for Wednesday’s dinner with Andy, but was excited to see where it went. Dinner went well, and he even insisted on paying. That never happens. After the bill was paid, he asked if I wanted to get ice cream. I agreed and we debated how we would get there.

We decided on taking my car, as I half rolled my ankle that day leaving work and his car was several blocks away because parking was screwy. We got in my car and turned it on. As I turned the lights on and was reaching for the gearshift, the restaurant’s delivery truck pulled up behind me and blocked me in. Andy got out to ask the driver to move so we could leave and came back to say the driver didn’t speak English.

We decided to walk after all, even though he offered to run and get his car. It was a nice walk downhill to the frozen yogurt shop. I managed to pay for our dessert, even though he was very hesitant to let me do so. Dessert was delicious and I didn’t want it to end. Unfortunately it did and we had to start the trek uphill.

I tried to keep my breathing steady walking up, but it was hard because of asthma. Luckily he did most of the talking. When we finally got to my car he lingered a bit making small talk. I asked if he wanted a hug and he lit up.

“Yes! Come here you,” he said happily as he gave me a really nice hug.

I offered to give him a ride to his car, but he wanted to walk. When I got home we texted each other goodnight.

The next night I got a text at 1 AM from him explaining a few things. It all made sense, and I told him I understood. He said that it was a good point for me to know so that I am not surprised in the future. I really hope that means he sees as much potential as I do. He’s adorable.

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