Taking Him Home

“I want to take you home with me, but I am not sure if I am ready to have sex yet,” I told H in the crowded karaoke bar. We were on the date I mentioned in my previous post. I was horny, but not quite sure how far I wanted to go with him.

“That is perfectly fine. We can do whatever you are comfortable with,” he responded.

“I definitely want to cuddle and kiss. I want to do it in my bed though,” I admitted.

“We can totally do that,” he said.

As the karaoke wrapped up, I made my final decision to take him home with me. We snuck in quietly so as not to disturb my sleeping roommate. Once we were both settled in my room after taking turns doing our business in the bathrooms, we took off our shoes and cuddled on the bed.

We kissed and felt around each others clothed bodies. Eventually our shirts and my bra came off. He moaned in pure bliss as I scratched my nails down his back. After a while, my hands travelled to the bulge in his jeans. I rubbed his hardness, imagining how it looked outside of his pants.

“Do you want to touch it?” he asked, in almost a pleading tone.

“I am touching it,” I said in a very playful tone and a huge grin on my face, already teasing the waistband above his cock.

“No, I mean touch it without the pants in the way,” he said, not catching my joke.

I reached for the button of his jeans, but he beat me to it. I moved my hand so that his cock could escape the confines of his pants. As soon as it was free, I wrapped my hand around it and felt it pulse in my hand.

He finished taking off his pants and I wriggled out of mine. We situated ourselves back on the bed and heavy petting ensued. I rubbed his cock with enthusiasm as he fingered his way around my pussy. He was amazed at how soaking wet I was, even asking if I came a few times. I had to tell him I had never came from anything but a vibrator. He was disappointed, but finally accepted the fact, though trying to convince me to get my toy.

It was 4 in the morning when we finally decided to get some sleep. As we were laying there cuddling after the light was turned off I made a comment. I forgot the wording, but it implied that I wanted sex. Immediately he perked up and asked if I wanted to. I said yes, but I thought he wanted to sleep.

“That was before I knew we could have sex,” he said as he moved his body between my legs. I parted my legs and he began teasing my hungry cunt with his still hard cock. I lifted my hips to try and get him to slide in, but he stayed outside. When I was finally begging for hit he slid in easily.

I immediately flexed my kegel muscles around him. His thrusts started slow, but the quickly picked up. He found a nice rhythm of when his cock went deep I squeezed, letting go as he pulled back, and so forth. Damn he felt good.

He pulled back a little further and got my right leg over his shoulder, allowing him more depth. He wanted to go deeper so we folded up a pillow and slid it under my ass. Soon after he was coming hard and fast.

We fell asleep cuddling after he came back from cleaning up. When we woke up 6 hours later we had another go round at the sex. He was determined to make me orgasm, but it just wasn’t happening. My pussy was starting to feel sore anyways, since it wasn’t used to so much attention.

For most of the day way talked, cuddled and kissed. I kept saying we should get up and start the day. I had to get him home at some point, but neither of us wanted to leave the comfort of my bed and each other.

Finally in the mid afternoon we decided to get up, but not before one last quick fuck. He felt amazing as usual, but my pussy had finally had enough and was just too sore. We grudgingly got dressed and went for a bite to eat of late lunch/early dinner.


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