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Promising Potential

I went on a movie date with Andy a week after my karaoke date with H. At this point I was undecided on who I preferred join me to my company Christmas party. The movie was good, but uneventful as far as the date went. We hugged when I got there and hugged twice as we said goodbye, but that was it.

Since nothing really happened at the movie, I figured that H would be the best date since I requested the day after off from work (in hopes of taking one of them home after). H agreed happily to be my date, but cancelled three days before the party. No reason, just a text that said “Not going to be able to make it.” I tried calling and texting. His phone was turned off.

After I cooled off during my failed attempts to contact H, I waited for Andy’s usual evening text. Once I knew I had his attention I asked if he wanted to be my date and apologizing for my late notice. He happily accepted and my worries disappeared. When I asked if he wanted me to pick him up or meet him there he said he wanted to sleep on it. The next morning he said he wanted to drink there, but didn’t want to seem selfish by making me drive. That night after a bottle of wine I told him that I liked the idea of picking him up, as it would give us more one on one time. He said that was perfectly fine and actually worked out better.

The day of the party I got several texts throughout the day from Andy that made my heart flutter. The first one was informing that he couldn’t dance, but would try. That meant the world to me, since people usually just tell me they don’t dance, no ifs, ands, or buts. The fact that he was willing to put in an effort made me smile the rest of the work day. Later that evening as I was getting ready he texted asking if I was excited for the night, because he was. Once again the butterflies in my stomach went nuts.

At the party, I introduced him to my coworkers and we sat down. My coworker and her husband left to go get their picture taken and had us hold the table. He seemed very eager when I asked if he wanted to get our picture next. Now, I usually don’t do pics of my face, but this night I was feeling very confident and photogenic.

The rest of the night went on, entertaining but uneventful. We never got a chance to dance because there was only karaoke and no one else dancing. On the drive to drop him off we started planning our next date where I would cook him dinner and we watch a movie at my place. The drive was way too short, and sooner than I liked we were at his place. A big part of me was hoping for an invite in, but it didn’t happen. We decided to give each other a real hug so I parked and got out. While hugging I got gutsy and gave him a kiss on the cheek, where I immediately got one back from him. The hug ended and I drove home happy, but a tad frustrated.

Fast forward to the end of the week when he comes over for dinner and a movie. I made beef burgundy in the crockpot and had the Warcraft movie ready. We sat on opposite ends of the couch while eating. After we got done eating he got up for a minute to use the restroom. While he was gone I grabbed my back pillow so that I wasn’t so low in the couch (I am short and it sinks). When he came back and sat down, he sat down closer to me. As he settled himself back in, out hands interlocked.

No one really initiated the hand holding. It just kind of happened and it was nice. We fit well together. Towards the end of the movie an alarm on his phone went off and he broke the hand holding to turn it off. We didn’t go back to hand holding, even after my few “hinting” brushes of my hand on his. However, my hand ended up naturally resting on his leg the rest of the movie.

After the movie he had to go, since he had a long drive to see his family for winter break the next morning. We hugged goodbye. I gave another kiss on his cheek, but it was not returned this time.

He is still gone, and will be for another two or three weeks. I feel like I have gotten a lot of mixed signals, but they are mostly good signals. We text every day, and once in a while he calls me hun. Some days he is chattier than others. I try not to let it go to my head when he takes forever to respond. I know he is busy visiting with family for the holidays and such.

I definitely see a lot of potential with him/us. He is respectful and kind. As much as I love sex and intimacy, I also really like that things are moving slowly with him. It’s a nice change that feels full of promise. The last time things went slow like this with someone was when I dated Will, who lasted almost 2 years.

Side note: I heard from H the day before my work Christmas party. His excuse for bailing? He had to keep his roommate company at his work. Oh, and his phone was off because the battery exploded on him. I don’t believe half of that crap.


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