TMI Tuesday – Tell it Like it is

Elaborate on each in greater than 20 words but no more than 100 words.

1. Sex is ___many things. It is always intimate, but depending on the mood it can be gentle gentle or rough, long or quick, steady or varied. Sex is something that I don’t seem to get enough of. Never have, and I am starting to wonder if I ever will__ .

2. Love is ___something that I fall into easily. I give my all and love unconditionally. I have discovered I feel different levels of love for everyone that I have in my life.__ .

3. Money is ___something that I feel like I will never have enough of, but also something I don’t care about as much compared to other things in my life. I want to do what makes me happy, not rich (though that would be a nice bonus)__ .

4. Power is ___a nice rumbly vibrator to help guide my orgasm into existence. The more speeds the better, as I always tend to use the most powerful setting. __ .

5. Life is __full of surprises. Just recently I started a new job at a different company, where several months ago I never would have imagined leaving the place I worked at for over 10 years. I also didn’t think I would come back to blogging and reviewing with my lack of sex drive, but here I am___ .

Bonus: Food is __One of my specialties. I love to cook, and I especially love to cook for friends, and most recently the boyfriend. I recently have been getting more creative with my meals, trying to find things to win him over even more, since they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach___ .


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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7 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – Tell it Like it is”

  1. I might copy ‘n paste your answer to Q1 since it’s better than mine, and yet is exactly how I feel. And I LOL’ed at Q5 since you thought of something completely different to me!

  2. rumbly vibrator is best vibrator. that’s the thing with writing, it’s always there for you whenever you feel like returning. i stopped writing seriously for two decades but thank the stars i came back. it’s way more fun than therapy.

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