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TMI Tuesday – This or That?

This week’s TMI questions are brought to you by yours truly! Enjoy!

This or That?

1 – Lights on or off? – I like them on so that I can see my partner as we are getting down and dirty, but I enjoy the intimacy of feeling each other in the dark.

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business? – I enjoy a good slow tease. It gets me worked up and wetter than ever. However, nothing gets me wetter faster than a quick spur of the moment romp in the sheets.

3 – Giver or receiver? – I am a giver all the way. I feel weird being on the receiving end to be honest. I love making my partner feeling the best that they have ever felt, and I like to make each session memorable.

4 – Background noise or no? – The only background noise I like to hear is us. I (and past partners) have gotten too distracted if there was something playing (on netflix) in the background. Unfortunately the background noise was necessary for the comfort of roommate’s.

5 – Top or bottom? – To be completely honest, I prefer the bottom. I like to look up at my lover and watch the faces of pleasure that they make. That, and I am just not balanced to be on top, though I am sure that could get better with practice.

6 – Private or public? – I am too much of a chicken for public, though I have had some steamy makeout sessions in the back of my car in a busy parking lot a time or two.

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both. 😉

Best – I am definitely going to have to go with the time(s) I had hot tub sex with J. I felt so bouyant and much more flexible in the water. I only wish I could have had more, and for longer.

Worst – Every single time I got with Toby. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he never cared about me and my comfort. He would always push for something until I caved only because I felt like I needed some kind of intimacy.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – This or That?”

  1. Ugh, guys who don’t care are the worst. Guys who pretend to care are horrible, too. I’ve had slow, teasing sex with porn on in the background, it was fun. We had the volume low, so it wasn’t a huge distraction.

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