Sinful Sunday – Clipped

I was taking a few naughty pics for the boyfriend the other night and was feeling kind of silly when I had an idea after finishing a bag of chips. I went and found my matching chip clip, took off my shirt and put the clips on my nipples. I was amused with the results. They didn’t hurt, so that was a bonus, and gave me ideas for future playtime.

Sinful Sunday

27 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Clipped”

  1. Clips and clamps on nips make me cringe as I’ve not been able to deal with that on my nipples at all so far but it looks cute on you. I like the pretty pink colour.

  2. Haha! I’ve done something similar with clips we have. Him being evil always finds a way to add to the ‘fun’ though! I much prefer the colour of yours though!

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