Sinful Sunday – Foggy Mirror

I had a hard time with the prompt, but I did get a few good ideas. Unfortunately I was unable to do them, but I got a new idea as I was stepping out of the shower. I was playing around with lighting and color edits and found a mode I have always loved; sketch.

I couldn’t decide which I liked, so here’s both.

Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Foggy Mirror”

  1. Steam-fogged mirrors are great for creating unexpected images.

    I really like the way the “sketch” blurs out everything but the focus bits – the bedpost, your breasts, a hint of “oh my!” with the position of your arm – leaving the viewer to color in the lines and create their own story.

    Very fun!

  2. jerusalemmortimer

    I think they’re both great, but I think the sketch is especially wonderful.
    Lovely pair! (Of images)

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