Kink of the Week – Squirting

**This is my first time participating in Kink of the Week, and hopefully not the last.**

I have always been a squirter. My first orgasm had me squirting and I thought I had peed myself. Luckily I learned soon that what happened was not pee thanks to a close friend and research. Most of the time I know when I am about to squirt and I stop my orgasm before that happens (no amount of towels will contain it). Once in a while I won’t care about the mess and just let it go.

I have only squirted with clitoral stimulation, though came close the one time I had a G-Spot orgasm. I have always only squirted alone and never with a partner.

Most guys I talk to about it think it is sexy as hell, but a few that I dated that were less experienced thought it was gross. When I lived with one of those guys I quickly learned not to squirt with him. It took me several years after we broke up to be able to do it again.

9 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Squirting”

  1. I’ve stopped my orgasm because I didn’t want to squirt, either. Before I knew I was a squirter, I never let myself orgasm because it ALWAYS felt like I had to pee. Glad I discovered squirting and finally let myself come. 🙂

  2. Thanks! Have everything now. Looked at your bucket list and compared it to those activities we did and it looks like SW (Swinger Wife) completed about 50. Think I enjoyed her strap on activity the most. Watching her with another woman and when I got pegged. She always wanted me to suck a cock. A couple of times n almost but backed oput at the last moment.

  3. So heartbreaking how a partner’s negative reaction can be traumatizing! Glad to hear you’re back to being able to enjoy your body the way it is. 🙂

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