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Kink of the Week – Halloween

As a kid I loved Halloween. I loved getting dressed up, and my favorite costume was always a witch. No idea why, it just was. I loved going trick-or-treating, and my favorite year was the one that my mom was out of town and my dad took me around town. That was rare, getting to spend time with my dad off of our mountain.

The last time I went trick-or-treating was with my high school friends my sophomore year. It was my last year because almost every house we went to commented about us being too old to do such a thing. We responded with the fact that at least we weren’t out partying or doing drugs/drinking alcohol.

As an adult, I quit caring about getting dressed up, especially after Halloween 2011. That was the day my world came crashing down, when the person I lived with, had been together almost 2 years decided we didn’t work together. I have long since moved past that, and I see it as him doing a favor now, because I realize how unhappy I was, but at the time it hurt a lot.

Costumes have gotten way too expensive, and I have never really been creative enough to make my own costume. This year at work they keep encouraging me to dress up, but I am just not into it. When I told them today that I had no interest, they actually seemed somewhat annoyed with me. I got annoyed at them. I shouldn’t have to dress up.

However, there is one costume I would love to have, and have wanted it for a very long time. I want a school girl outfit so badly! I am not sure what it is, but something about it is just so damn hot to me. I love the red plaid skirt, the stockings, and the button up white shirt. Someday I will own one, at least I hope. Every so often I look for them online, but always get discouraged at the price and sizes. My search usually ends pretty quickly. Someday though, it will happen.

7 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Halloween”

  1. Ah I am sure you will get that school girl costume eventually. I am with you regrading your work – dressing up should be your choice. When i was younger and lived with some girlfriends we used to have fancy dress parties and you could only come if in a costume – they were fun. 😉

  2. I definitely relate! Dressing for Halloween has lost a lot of its appeal for me in the last decade, but previous to that, the classic witch and vampire were always my favorite.

  3. I was in high school the last time I went trick-or-treating too. A few householders commented, but most were happy to see a group of teenagers NOT being destructive on a night that’s notorious for it. 🎃

  4. I’m not much for Halloween. I’ve never really been though I’ve always wanted to dress up like a tavern girl. I’m sure you’ll find your school girl outfit. There’s so many shops online that sell stuff like that I’m sure you’d find something eventually. Good luck with that search (and I don’t think I you should have to dress up either)

  5. Now I love dressing up but that because I’m a big kid at heart and whilst I have been known to get carried away asking others to do the same, I’d hate to think I’d coerced anyone against their will. If you don’t want to dress up, you shouldn’t.

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