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Kink of the Week – Cutting/Tearing Clothes

I have never torn or cut someone’s clothes off, nor has it been done to me. However, I have always kind of fantasized about it. There is something about it that is just so sexy. That urgency intrigues me.

As much as I fantasize about it, I could never do it unless it was a planned thing. I would need to know that they are ok with that set of clothes being destroyed. I would hope that the same courtesy is applied to me. Clothes are expensive.

I think I would prefer tearing over cutting clothes off. Knife play just isn’t my thing. I would be worried about accidentally cutting my partner, or them cutting me. That said, clothes can be hard to tear. If clothes were to be torn off, I would want to use something that already had holes in it or had a small pre-cut to help get started.

One thing I love to do when I have a pair of underwear that is on it’s last threads is tear it to shreds. I think next time I get a pair that I am ready to throw out and have my boyfriend tear them off of me. That sounds fun. What do you think? :p

6 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Cutting/Tearing Clothes”

  1. I have found that clothes are usually pretty good quality and don’t easily tear. Old t-shirts and panties are easy enough. I have had girls request their shirt be ripped off, but only because they were throwing it away. Buttons go everywhere, by the way.


    YES to “clothes are expensive”!
    I like tearing clothes off my partner(s) but not, y’know, actually tearing their clothes. Just… Ripping their pants off, so to speak. Or having mine removed thusly.
    It’s the urgency that is hot to me.
    Wrecking clothing that I paid good money for? Not so much.


    We have definitely done that with old undies and it was very sexy but even those we found can be surprisingly hard to tear unless they are very lacy

  4. No I dont go for knife play either – though inexpensive clothes or already laddered stockings are there for the ripping 😉

  5. When it comes to tearing clothes off, there is a very fine line between incredibly sexy and incredibly horrifying.  Either way, for some reason, it spikes emotion in me pretty heavily.

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