Kink of the Week – Anal Sex

I have always been back and forth when it came to anal sex. My first experiences with it were quite horrible. The partner I was with refused to use lube, even though I brought it out every time. He also never gave any warm up, and just shoved his dick inside fast and hard. My cries of pain were taken as moans of pleasure and he went harder. I was lucky in the fact that he used a condom, because he didn’t think that was necessary either.

I have a few butt plugs, but they have never really did much to excite me. I would love to try an Njoy Pure Plug though.

Anal sex was never really an interest for me. It seemed messy and dirty, and not in a way that I wanted to experience. I only agreed to it back then because the then partner wouldn’t stop begging for it. Ever since then, I have read about how amazing it can be. I am still hesitant, but not as much as I used to be. With the right partner, I believe that I would learn to enjoy it.

I have only ever received, but I do have a bit of a pegging fantasy. Aaron and I have dabbled a bit together, and I very much look forward to exploring more with him. I love feeling him tighten around me as I slowly and carefully ease my lubed finger inside. I love even more hearing his moans as I stroke his cock while stimulating his prostate. On of these days we will get the strap on out and I can use it on him.

I look forward to exploring all of these in greater depth, especially with Aaron at my side.

9 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Anal Sex”

  1. Oh I’m not surprised you found it problematic. Personally I think that man needed to be horsewhipped! What a terrible way to abuse you.
    I hope you do find a way to enjoy it and the pegging. It’s been a while since I had a partner so i use toys instead. I find that if I have my Womaniser and either a smaller dildo or vibe internally, then using a well lubed glass dildo once I’m aroused sends me skyrocketing. Glass is so nice anally, it has a smooth glide and if you use a long double ender by yourself or with your partner it works safely and well. Good luck with it.
    Indie xx

      1. I use a Tracey Cox dildo (the head isn’t huge). But I’ve been doing it for a while, so start with a tease, then maybe a finger until you get used to the sensation. Smaller more often is the way to go, eventually your bod will associate it with pleasure and you can start with the dildo’s. Trying this method with your partner might give you a sense of how soon you escalate to larger things. I have to be aroused before I start any anal, but once I am I crave it.
        Indie xx

      2. I am glad u have advice from Indi -she is worth getting to know. I have had good and bad anal. I steer clear mostly now because of the bad but it never need be that way if the guy takes good care of you. I have enjoyed putting my finger up the arse with lovers before but my man is not intersted. We all have out own kinks x

      3. I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience. He sounds like an arseshat! I hope in the future you are able to explore some more with someone who will be more sensative and caring so that you can find out if anal is something you would enjoy or not

      4. Ugh. It’s so disheartening how a sex act can be ruined by insensitive partners. I hope you do more with it, both giving and receiving, in the near future. Don’t mind the mess! 

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