February 2018

Kink of the Week – Scratching

I absolutely love scratching, both giving and receiving. This is a recently discovered kink, and I am still learning what I and my partner like best. I am always afraid of hurting past the point of it no longer being fun. I love the sounds that my partner makes as I scrape my nails up and down his back, and feeling his body tremble with lust. I am enjoying learning… Read More »Kink of the Week – Scratching

Product Review – Zumio X

After hearing glowing reviews about the Zumio, I had to see for myself if it was as amazing as people claim it to be. Betty’s Toy Box was happy to let me review one. I received this toy for free in exchange for my review. The Packaging and Contents The first thing I noticed was the box and how shiny it was. I was entranced by tilting it into the… Read More »Product Review – Zumio X

TMI Tuesday – Space

“Time is not a line but a dimension, like the dimensions of space.” Welcome to TMI Tuesday… I Need My Space 1. Do you think that fate or destiny play a role in love? a. Absolutely b. For the most part c. Somewhat d. Not really e. Not at all I absolutely believe it. If you had asked me 6 months ago I might not have. Now though, I most definitely do.… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Space

Smut Marathon 2018 – Round 1

I decided to participate in the 2018 Smut Marathon ran by Marie Rebelle. I feel like it will be a great way to expand my writing skills, both by following certain exercises via assignments, and to get feedback on my submissions. My boyfriend also joined in, as well as a couple of blogger friends, May Moore and Nero Black. Now that the first round of voting is done and the… Read More »Smut Marathon 2018 – Round 1

TMI Tuesday – Valentine’s Day (Almost)

1. Tell us two reasons why you would stay in a bad relationship. From past experience, the only reason I did stay in bad relationships was for one main reason and that was fear of being along. I had several other reasons, like I was more attached to his cat, or I was afraid I would crush him too much than I was already feeling crushed. All very horrible reasons,… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Valentine’s Day (Almost)