Kink of the Week – Scratching

I absolutely love scratching, both giving and receiving. This is a recently discovered kink, and I am still learning what I and my partner like best. I am always afraid of hurting past the point of it no longer being fun. I love the sounds that my partner makes as I scrape my nails up and down his back, and feeling his body tremble with lust.

I am enjoying learning what areas I can scratch deepest, and where I need to lighten the nail digging. His back can take the deepest of scratches, his abs not as deep as his back, and his legs a little more shallow. There have been many occasions where he had me take a picture of his back to show him the red marks, with us both oogling at the red welts in some areas. With his permission and suggestion, I am sharing one of those pictures.

When we have sex I scrape my nails along his shoulders and back, making him want to fuck me even harder. I am always reminded of wings when I see the scratches I made during sex.

I have not been on the receiving end of scratches very often, but I like what I did get. At first it took me by surprise, but as my flesh raised, the more it felt pleasurable. On the less kinky side, I have always enjoyed getting my back scratched in general, as that is the sure fire way to get me to completely stop what I am doing and just melt. I have a wooden back scratcher, but it doesn’t compare to the human finger nail.

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