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Wicked Wednesday – Power Outage

**A post I started so long ago that I forgot where I was going with it. It is definitely not my best piece, but the setting was amusing, though the ending feels unfinished. I guess I need to learn to not let stuff sit in my drafts for so long.**


As we cuddled up on the bed and got into the movie the lights flickered and then went out. It was dark out by this time, so we were completely without light. We waited for a minute, cuddling and kissing while waiting for the power to come back on.

“Well, there’s only two things to do when the power goes out. Do you know what they are?” he asked.

“Sleep and have sex?” I suggested.

“That is exactly it. Which one sounds good to you?” he answered.

“You know exactly what I want to do,” I said, a wide grin on my face.

“Oh so you want to sleep?” He asked, though I could hear the smile in his voice. He was just messing with me.

“Ha, yeah, no,” I replied without skipping a beat.

With that, I took off my glasses and my shirt. I laid back on the bed while he climbed on top of me. We started kissing, our kisses growing more and more urgent. We began a steady rhythm of dry humping. Eventually I asked if we should remove some layers of clothing. and he eagerly agreed.

I lifted my hips as I slid off my pajama pants and he took off his. He admired the red lingerie I had on underneath my day clothes. Once out of my pants and shirt I helped him out of his shirt and pants. I reached in front of me and felt his not very hard cock, stroking it’s length and teasing the tip with my index finger.

I scraped my nails up and down his chest, getting more rough with each scrape. His moans and groans were encouragement to keep going. “Mmmm deeper!” he growled. I dug deeper, this time drawing blood.

That last scrape made him adjust to get out his confining boxers and move the crotch of my thong aside to let his cock enter my very ready pussy. Instinctively, I tightened myself around him, squeezing and loosening to the rhythm of his thrusts.

As he pumped himself in and out of me, I pulled him close and scraped my nails as hard as I could into his shoulder. That made him pound me even harder and faster. Even in the dark, I could see the smile of ecstasy on his face. Many times throughout we would both lean forward for a kiss.

My goal was to make him lose control inside of me, and that is what he did. Midway through him fucking me the lights came back on, but that didn’t change the heat of the moment.

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