Kink of the Week – Edging

Edging has always fascinated me. I used to do it a lot years ago, not knowing what it was. I would always use a toy on myself, but having to be quiet, I had to time my orgasms so that no one could hear. I would listen, and if it was possible I might be heard when I got close to orgasm I would stop until it because “safe to continue.” I do find that my orgasms are much stronger the longer I hold them off.

Other times I would edge while talking on the phone or Skype, timing my orgasm to when the other person is talking, making it a game to be as quiet as possible. They get so busy talking that they can’t hear me, or don’t notice at all.

Now when I edge it is not on purpose, I just can’t come. Since I have gotten with my boyfriend, I only like to orgasm (and play for that matter) when he is here. I get even more aroused when he helps me by slipping a finger inside, usually giving me that push I need to reach climax. When he is not here, I am just not into it anymore.

The only times I do have an orgasm when he is not around is when it becomes necessary. You see, January 2017 I got an IUD. It is the hormonal type, so for the most part I don’t get periods anymore. However, for the last few months I get agonizing cramps once a month when my body “tries” to have a period. If a heat pad and medicine does not work, I get out the vibrator. I have learned that orgasms are a great pain reliever, especially for cramps and headaches.

The other night was such an occasion. Nothing worked, and I had to get up early for work in the morning. There was no way I was falling asleep in pain like that, so I got out my freshly charged Womanizer. I was feeling anything but horny, but I knew I had to have an orgasm.

I started at about a quarter to midnight. It took way too long to actually become aroused. I just wasn’t into it. I couldn’t pull up the naughty pictures my boyfriend sent me a while ago because they were on my phone that was charging from a low battery. It also didn’t help that I had already had a smaller orgasm in the day when the boyfriend was there to help.

After an hour I finally started to feel a spark of arousal. I was close to giving up because the cramps seemed to ease away as my arousal grew. One fifteen in the morning I finally had a strong and powerful orgasm. I consider it edging, though unintentional. The cramps have not been back, and after an hour and a half I was able to sleep peacefully until my alarm clock went off.

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6 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Edging”

  1. Interesting post. I no longer have the joy of periods or the need for birth control, but it does sometimes take hours to come. Like you I don’t know if this part is actually edging – though I find the phone thing rather amusing. I love my Womaniser too!
    Indie x

  2. I’ve been in that place, where orgasms are forever coming (no pun intended), and it’s frustrating when an orgasm is what you need. Especially when it takes so long just to get the initial arousal stimulated. That’s become more common as I’ve gotten older.

  3. I am so with about the pain relief aspect of orgasms. I always ask for permission to masturbate during my period as it totally gets rid of the cramps

  4. Thats funny as I used to edge to without realising that was what i was doing – but trying not to be heard – glad you finally got some relief the other night. I too find that orgasms are good for relaxing and pain …

  5. Cammies on the Floor

    I’ve not thought of orgasms for pain reliever, though sometimes I orgasm to help me sleep, so it may be related but I never made the connection

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