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TMI Tuesday – Sexy Time

Sexy Secrets

1. Do you have a special place you like to have sex regularly?

Anywhere I am with Aaron, usually my bedroom.

2. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? The scariest?

Break ups can be pretty hard and scary. The scariest thing so far would be leaving a place that I worked at for over 10 years to go to their competition.

3. Are you annoying?

Most people seem to think so, and I admit that I can be kind of a pest. Aaron insists that I am not though.

4. A person whom you’ve had “the hots” for a very long time tells you they are super attracted to you. You spend a few hours together and the sexual attraction is overwhelming. You are dying to have this person as your lover. At the moment you are highly aroused, and he/she wants to have sex with you in a church, would you do it?

Probably, if we found a place that was secluded enough. I am sure it would make one hell of a story (pun intended)

5. While in the middle of the best lovemaking of your life, if your lover asked you to squeal like a dolphin, would you?

Most definitely. Aaron and I get silly all the time together, so I could imagine this being our usual and silly selves. Also, this question was on a dating site I saw once.

Bonus: Are you good in bed?

It depends on what I am doing, but I think I can be, especially (only) with Aaron. We have amazing chemistry together, and no one has made me feel as comfortable as he does.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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