Kink of the Week – Fishnets

I have always thought that fishnets were extremely sexy, and my favorite style is the stockings. Unfortunately, I have never owned a pair, though I would love to. Every time I went lingerie shopping I looked for a pair for myself, but I never found any in my size.

I am not to fond of the body fishnet style, though I appreciate them nonetheless. Fishnet itself is just a sexy thing. I haven’t seen too many different weaves, though I know there are a lot. I just love the patterns they can give, making a sexier look than just plain nylons (though those are sexy too)!

I think if I had a pair of fishnets I might feel a bit more inspired to take some new sexy photos of myself. I have been meaning too anyways, especially after some recent weight loss. Once I get down to a goal size, I will definitely take another look for a pair of my own. Fishnets and a school girl outfit are on my shopping list for someday, whenever I find the right one. Ooo, maybe a school girl outfit with a pair of fishnets. I bet those would go lovely together.

5 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Fishnets”

  1. I know you will get some fishnets one day – they are a must have even if you just wear them until they are laddered and then they get ripped off you by your guy 😉

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