April 2018

TMI Tuesday – 5 Things

One, two, three, four, five things is what we are playing this TMI Tuesday. Tell us . . . 1.  The problem with you in 5 words.  – What isn’t wrong with me? 2.  5 things you want in life. More motivation, better confidence, less paranoia, to be more creative, to be a better person. 3.  5 things you need to quit. Self deprecating “humor,” my job once I find one that… Read More »TMI Tuesday – 5 Things


I wanted to apologize for my sporadic posting lately. Life has kind of gotten in the way, as usual. Depression – It has come back again, though to a smaller degree. It is a combination of hormones (birth control) and situational (work). Work – It has become my living hell. My coworkers treat my like trash, and I feel like trash each day I drive there. I am trying to… Read More »Sporadic

Kink of the Week – Doggy Style

For the majority of the time I have been having sex, missionary was my preferred position. Mostly this was because it was what I was used to, and the only one I got the chance to try with partners. I attempted doggy with a few partners (long ago), but it never really worked out (bad partners and awkwardness don’t mix). For Aaron and I, doggy style has become one of… Read More »Kink of the Week – Doggy Style