I wanted to apologize for my sporadic posting lately. Life has kind of gotten in the way, as usual.

Depression – It has come back again, though to a smaller degree. It is a combination of hormones (birth control) and situational (work).

Work – It has become my living hell. My coworkers treat my like trash, and I feel like trash each day I drive there. I am trying to apply to different places, but it makes it a little demotivating when I don’t even get a call back for an interview. By the time I get off work, all I can do is go home and just forget everything, try to relax, and get through the week.

Home – I rarely feel motivated by the time I get home. The only time I seem to get anything done is when Aaron is here on our days off. He has been a big support through everything. Thank you, love, for everything.

Reviews – I owe several, and am working to get them done as soon as possible. I am sorry it has taken me so long.

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