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30 Days, 30 Posts Challenge

Day 1, Post 1

It has been far too long since I updated. I am ok, just busy, stressed, and burnt out. I haven’t felt the motivation to do much of anything, including the things I love, like video games, writing, and hanging out with friends.

Things with Aaron are still amazing. We recently celebrated our first year together, and he moved in a few months ago. Things are good and I am looking forward to our future.

I saw a message in the Slack group that I am in asking if anyone was interested in a 30 days, 30 Posts type challenge. I am making this my first post in that challenge. This is just a tiny update, but I plan on writing more. I need to write more, change up my routine, and get out of this loop.

1 thought on “30 Days, 30 Posts Challenge”

  1. So good to see you – I will be checking in on your posts every day – I know Ani a little too – shes on the challenge – what is the slack group? So glad things are good with Aaron x

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