Day 2, post 2 – this post is a bit rambly, and kind of bounces around a bit, but at least it’s a post.

My last post mentioned being burnt out, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail in this post. I have been feeling burnt out on everything.

Work is the biggest factor I think. I have a co-worker that bullies me and there is nothing I can do. It is easier to sit quietly and take it than it is to speak out. I am looking for other employment, and have even had a couple interviews.

After work, I never really relax, as there is just never time to myself. The last few months have been go-go-go. When I finally do take time for myself, it’s because I am having a meltdown of sorts. I get anxiety about having to go back to work.

This week I am finally taking a much needed stay-cation. We don’t plan on going anywhere, but I will have two extra days off. In that time I want to focus on my blog. I miss writing. I have several reviews I still need to write.

I am hoping that in getting this potential new job will allow for a change in routine. My days off will change, and coincide with family and some friends. The downside will be different days off than Aaron. Living together will make that transition easier. I couldn’t have done half of what I do here if I didn’t have him.

Right now my days off are filled with errands and game nights, along with any chores needed done around the apartment. This new job will allow me to work in the town of those errands, making more relaxation time for days off.

I ordered a “life planner” the other night. I am hoping it helps me stay together and on track. The one I am getting is undated, has a meal planner, shopping list pages, and a budget tracker. It will hopefully be here soon.

3 thoughts on “Routines”

  1. I really hope you get the new job – I was once in a similar situation when a job was literally depressing me – had a new lease of life when I changed it -wish u luck honey x

  2. It’s good to see you doing the 30 days challenge and I hope it helps you to get back to frequent blogging. I also hope you get the new job, as it sounds like you definitely need to get away from the one you have now. Good luck hun!

    Rebel xox

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