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10 Year Blogiversary

Day 3, Post 3 –

I missed my 10 year blogiversary by over a month. I first started my blog September 8, 2008. So much has changed since then.

Ten years ago I was still living with my mom, didn’t drive, and dating someone way too old for me. I was two years into my first job, and I had never had PIV intercourse. Back then I wanted to wait until marriage for sex.

I now live with Aaron, have been driving for 9ish years, on my fifth job, second casino, and have done most that there is to do in the bedroom.

Some years were more active than others when it came to blogging. I originally started this blog (under a different name) in hopes of building it enough to review sex toys. That goal was reached, but my blog became so much more to me. It was my diary in a way, where I recorded the bigger events of my life.

When my 10 years was approaching, I considered trying to do a giveaway, as I had never done one before. I unfortunately became too busy and took a break from blogging. I wanted to write this the day of, but life happened.

I plan to go into more detail on things, I just need to find the time to write. Here’s to another 10 years, whether I am blogging or doing something else.

2 thoughts on “10 Year Blogiversary”

  1. Well done – amazing achievement, ten years of blogging – and yes sometimes life gets in the way of things – here’s to your next ten years 😉 x

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