Day 4, post 4 (A little late, but it has been a busy day of traveling and seeing an old friend) Ever since I was a kid, I loved writing. I have always been good at writing things that have happened to me. I can remember clearly the lesson that led up to my first writing assignment, and the paper that showed my potential for writing.

It was 5th grade, and the teacher taught us that one of the best ways to start off with a question or a quote. The assignment was to write a story, fact or fiction, using one of those two intros. I chose a quote, and ended up with an A on my final draft.

I have never been good at fantasy or fiction writing. I just don’t feel creative enough. The only time I have successfully written a piece of fiction was when it was something I could see happening, or wanted very badly to happen (like the Nervous Game).

Even my poetry that I wrote in high school was strongly based and inspired by true events. I have never been able to describe something unless I have seen it, making it very difficult to write metaphors or similes. Making D&D characters is also kind of difficult for me as well, because I just can’t think of a back story. I have fun though, which is the important part.

I think the point of this post is me saying that I wish I could write fiction well. I want to create a story that people want to read, and come back to. I have considered doing Nanowrimo this year, but wouldn’t know where to begin. All of my half ideas that I get seem silly, or I don’t now how to tell a bigger story.

4 thoughts on “Fact vs. Fiction”

  1. I totally get the lack of skill in fiction. I feel exactly the same. I usually say that “my favourite topic to write about is me” so I’m more attracted to essays and non-fiction. But learning to write a good story in non-fiction form can teach you a lot about fiction as well, so don’t be afraid to explore these topics.

  2. That’s the beauty behind something like NaNoWriMo. It doesn’t matter to anyone else if the idea seems silly, or is non-fictional. The only thing that matters is that you put the effort in it to write. I think you’re an amazing writer, and I always love reading your stuff!

  3. I remember the Nervous game because it was brilliant – I have always really enjoyed your blog and think u have far more writing potential than u realise x

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