Day 9, post 8

Friday night is usually game night for Aaron and our friends. The usual routine is for me to get off work, then Aaron and I head to his friend’s house to hang out. This last week I had that Friday off for once, so one of his friends was going to meet here so we all could take one car.

Friday was a lazy day. We sat around and messed around a bit. With so much time off, we had a chance to reconnect in a way. At one point I started to get a headache, so I went to lay down before we had to go. Aaron came to check on me, and told me his friend would be there between 4:30 and 5. It was 3:30.

Aaron got in bed next to me, cuddling with me. My headache finally started to go away, so I was feeling a bit more frisky. I started feeling the obvious bulge in his pants and gave it a slow rub. After a bit, he took his cock out for me, and I got a little bit more hands on with it.

Just as I was thinking about getting into our usual sexy position (doggy), we heard his friend’s signature knock. A half hour early. Aaron rushed to get his pants back on, then to open the door, while I fixed my hair and straightened my clothes.

Aaron apologized to his friend for taking so long to answer the door, and I grinned as I listened to him try and explain his delay. You could tell his friend knew what was really going on.

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