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Day 12, post 8

I finally got my planner in the mail, and was able to get started on it today. I had a lot of fun setting up the stickers for the month tabs.

Now I am just waiting on my pens to get here, as I am weird and prefer to use only one type of pen in one thing at a time (ex: one certain pen for my planner and no other pens, same with a journal).

I had an interview yesterday. I felt like it went well and the job pertains a lot to what I do now. I got an email today saying that soon they will contact me to set up a second interview or a hiring decision. Fingers crossed that I get an offer. If I don’t, at least I can take that interview experience and apply it to something else.

I feel excited at the idea of a change of routine as well as working more into my planner. Also, NaNoWriMo starts in a few days, so I will be having fun with that.

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