Day ?? post 9

First off, I think I failed the 30 Posts in 30 days challenge. I didn’t worry when I only missed a day or two, but now I am missing over a week.

Life has continued to be a ball of stress. I still have not heard about the jobs I interviewed for. At this point I feel like I am out of the running.

Two days before NaNoWriMo I came down with a nasty head cold, so I haven’t even broke 1000 words, even farther from 50000.

I got good news on Friday that the bully at work found a new job elsewhere and her last day is not soon enough. I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I even got up the courage to email my boss to let her know that I was interested. Her first response was that she would get back to me and thanked me for my interest.

Today, she got back to me. She looked at my original application from almost two years ago and said that I don’t qualify based on that. There are a lot of things screwy with that, like the age of my application and the experience I have gained at the company, I offered to fill out a new one and attach my resume, but she cut me off saying she would get back to me.

I am hurt and disappointed. However, I am also relieved. I am hurt because I put myself out there in a place I already don’t feel safe, and got shot down without even the chance to try. Rejection hurts, but this made me realize it hurts a lot more when it comment from a place you know instead of random strangers that don’t know your true potential.

I am relieved though, because now I don’t have to pick and choose between a promotion or a new life. I want that new life, and I am going to try even harder to get it.

1 thought on “Rejection Hurts”

  1. Rejection does hurt but if we don’t go for something then we just don’t know – also where that door closes u can already see possible new doors on the horizon – wishing u luck 😉

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