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January 2020

Stigmatizing While Trying to Destigmatize

Day 12, Post 12 The other night after Aaron and I finished our nightly Criminal Minds episode on Netflix, a new show popped up in my “Shows you might like.” It was the new Gwyneth Paltrow show “The Goop Lab.” The show is a documentary (6 episodes right now) about wellness and lifestyle. Because of the Gwyneth candle, I was highly curious what was on the show. There was one… Read More »Stigmatizing While Trying to Destigmatize


Day 11, Post 11 I am coming to realize that I don’t know how to relax. If I am not stressing about one thing, I am stressing about another. Mostly I have been stressing about work, but now I am really starting to stress about my lack of sex drive, which kills my drive even more. For many months now (as in, I don’t know how long), I have had… Read More »Relax

Wicked Wednesday – 400

Day 10, Post 10 “I just have one request of you, to help me help you. If you want sex, you only have to pull my penis once. However, if you don’t want sex, you have to pull it 400 times,” he stated in a matter of fact of tone when they laid in bed, naked. “Really, only 400? That is not a very specific number. Have you ever had… Read More »Wicked Wednesday – 400


Day 9, post 9 Content Warning: Anxiety, work stress, depression It was only recently that I realized my depression has always been accompanied by anxiety. I didn’t really put two and two together that what I was feeling about things I dreaded was anxious. My anxiety has been even more prelevant lately. It was when I started reading about other people’s issues with anxiety that I began to relate and… Read More »Anxiety

Book Review – Yelling in Pasties – The Wet Coast Confessions of an Anxious Slut

Day 8, Post 8 – This review has been way too long in the making. I was supposed to write this a long time ago, but life and depression got in the way. I am sorry for that, as this book deserved so much more from me, especially with how much I enjoyed it. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. Along with… Read More »Book Review – Yelling in Pasties – The Wet Coast Confessions of an Anxious Slut

Sinful Sunday – Scented

Day 7, Post 7 It has been a long time since I participated in Sunful Sunday, and I have to say that I have missed out. There are so many new participants. One thing I have enjoyed doing when getting back into my blogging routine is plug in my scented wax melter. Currently I have a very nostalgic smell called “Pink Tiare Flower.” The other night after shutting things down,… Read More »Sinful Sunday – Scented

Strange Places I Have Had Sex In

Day 6, Post 6 – A bit more lighthearted than my last post. A prompt from a list of sex topics.  Strangest location you’ve had sex in? Firstly, I would have to say that the sex I had in the woods behind my then college is the strangest place for me that I have fucked. It was a spur of the moment thing, it was hot, and I had forgotten… Read More »Strange Places I Have Had Sex In

No Birth Control is Perfect

Day 5, Post 5 – I started this post nearly a year ago. It keeps staring at me, and its time I finish it. This is not going to be a pretty post. Content warning(s): suicidal thoughts, heavy depression, period blood, medication. I have been on a lot of different birth controls (off and on) the last 12 years, since I was 19. I have had the shot (Depo Provera),… Read More »No Birth Control is Perfect

Update of Updates

Day 4, Post 4 Before I started posting again on Sunday, it had been almost a year since my last post. This is usually the time of the year that I start paying more attention to my blog. Mostly because payment for upkeep is due in mid February and paying attention to this space justifies the money I spend to keep it live. So, what is new this time around?… Read More »Update of Updates

Wicked Wednesday – Time

Day 3, Post 3 – I have decided to pick up this challenge again, as it will get me back in the routine of writing again. Time is a funny thing. As a kid, time would always move so slow. Things that I wanted to end faster (like the school day) took forever. When I got my first job, the more I looked at the clock, the slower the shift… Read More »Wicked Wednesday – Time