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2019 Orgasm Count

Day 1, Post 1

Long time no update. I know I seem to say that a lot, or as often as I can when I barely post once a year. Sorry about that. I really haven’t had the time to update, and if I did I just wasn’t motivated to write. That being said, I need to write. I need to work on my blog. I mean, I pay for it, I should utilize it.

Anyways, my orgasm count was low for 2019. Sadly low. It was only 50. I had 365 days, and I only managed to have 50 orgasms. I think that is my lowest count yet. I lot of it was due to depression. Along with writing, I just didn’t really have it in me.

Depression has definitely taken a hit to my sex drive. It has taken a hit to a lot of things in my life. This year I want to change things. I want to take more time to do things that make me happy. I want to work on having more orgasms. I want to rediscover my sexuality and write about my journey of rediscovering myself.

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