Update of Updates

Day 4, Post 4

Before I started posting again on Sunday, it had been almost a year since my last post. This is usually the time of the year that I start paying more attention to my blog. Mostly because payment for upkeep is due in mid February and paying attention to this space justifies the money I spend to keep it live.

So, what is new this time around? In the past year:

January 2019 I got a new job. I was happy for a good 6 months. Now I feel like I used to at every other job. I am burnt out, tired, and rarely take time for myself.

May 2019 Aaron and I took our first vacation and road trip. We had a blast.

May 2019-July 2019 Aaron and I started looking at places to live (rent and buy). We found a home that we fell in love with and we bought it. We (and the cats) are very happy here.

June 2019 Aaron compiled the first season of his Tails of Alenkas series and put it in ebook format through Amazon.

December 2019 – Aaron started working in my office.

January 2020 I finally switched web hosts after considering it each year that payment was due. I didn’t prepare as well as I should have, so things like pictures broke. I am slowly going through and re-adding them where I can.



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