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Strange Places I Have Had Sex In

Day 6, Post 6 – A bit more lighthearted than my last post.

A prompt from a list of sex topics. 

Strangest location you’ve had sex in?

Firstly, I would have to say that the sex I had in the woods behind my then college is the strangest place for me that I have fucked. It was a spur of the moment thing, it was hot, and I had forgotten the guy’s name at the time. He later became my friend with benefits for years, and still would be under different circumstances.

I know that the woods aren’t super “strange,” but it is the oddest place for me so far. Every other place I have done it is in the bedroom. Every single time.

The question doesn’t ask for it, but for the sake of making a longer post, the second strangest place I have done it is with the same FWB as in the woods on his ex’s bed. We also did it on his dad’s bed once. Each time was erotic in their own way. The most noteworthy was definitely the woods, though.

There was also the time I gave a blowjob in the back of my car in a fairly busy parking lot.


2 thoughts on “Strange Places I Have Had Sex In”

  1. Probably the time I fucked my girlfriend in my MG in the woods. It was a 1955 model and that was not an easy thing to accomplish. Once I fucked a woman, from my college ceramics class, in her parents bed, that was a weird feeling, more so for her I expect.

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