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Stigmatizing While Trying to Destigmatize

Day 12, Post 12

The other night after Aaron and I finished our nightly Criminal Minds episode on Netflix, a new show popped up in my “Shows you might like.” It was the new Gwyneth Paltrow show “The Goop Lab.” The show is a documentary (6 episodes right now) about wellness and lifestyle.

Because of the Gwyneth candle, I was highly curious what was on the show. There was one episode about vulvas and the female orgasm. Betty Dobson (author and sex educator) was a guest star and helped several employees of The Goop Lab explore and get to know their vulva by doing group and private workshops.

It really felt like the show was doing a great thing in destigmatizing the vulva, female masturbation, and everything in between.

I was pleasantly surprised when the show played through several images of vulvas of all shapes, colors, and sizes. The episode built up to the Goop Lab CEO having an orgasm on camera using the Magic Wand and a penetration tool that Betty invented to show the muscle movement the vagina makes during orgasm.

The masturbation scene was beautiful, but also disappointing. The camera only hinted at what CEO Carlin Ross was doing, showing her quivering (side shots only) body with her moans. The camera gave the illusion that she used the tool Betty invented, but it was never actually shown being used.

I am not sure if Netflix was afraid of making it look like a porno, or legal rules, or whatever, but it really felt like it was stigmatizing what it had just spent the last 30 minutes destigmatizing.

I tried to watch the other episodes, but the show just felt kind of off. Fake almost. That is just my opinion though. Have you seen it? Heard of the show before now? What did you think?


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