Sinful Sunday – Fortunes

Day 14, Post 14

Ever since I could remember, my mom always added “in bed” to the end of the fortune in fortune cookies. It made it funnier and dirtier. It certainly made my teenage self giggle, and it makes my adult self laugh with joy when I find the ones that are just so wrong. I tend to keep the especially dirty and/or funny ones.

My favorites have been “Your secret fantasies are soon to come true (in bed)” and “Family is important (in bed).”

Saturday afternoon Aaron and I got Chinese food take out and got fortune cookies that were so true, it was ironic. The top fortune was Aaron’s, mine was on the bottom. I found them funny because my sex drive has been so non existent lately. I know that I am talented in bed for somethings and the cookie knows it. Aaron is about to get lucky because we have somethings on order to try and help us.

What phrases do you add to the end of a fortune cookie?

Aaron's was on top, mine on the bottom

Saved Collection of Fortunes

Sinful Sunday

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