Wicked Wednesday – I Am Because We Are

Day 17, Post 17

I have been through a lot of dark times, with a lot more ups and downs. Growing up, and even as an adult, I never really truly fit in. I dated people that brought me down further, whether from being so angry and negative, being bitter and unappreciative of me, etc.

When it came to the negative cynic, I started to become negative and cynical. I hated everything around me and never saw the good in things. When I dated the bitter and unappreciative asshole, I did everything I could to bring him up and help him see the positive. I was told by him it was pointless. I was also told that the only reason he dated me was because he didn’t think he would find anyone else ever. I became bitter myself, resenting each of them.

It was when I met Aaron that I started to see the light again. When I had a bad day, or something horrible happened, he always had something positive to see about it. That is one of the many things that drew me to him. When my friends stabbed me in the back, Aaron was there to tell me that I was amazing and didn’t need them.

Aaron helps to bring out the best of me. Even though I don’t see it sometimes, he always tells me I am beautiful. When I am struggling to find motivation to write, he helps me find a topic, even if it cuts into his writing time. If it weren’t for Aaron (and our cats), I would be so lonely and lost. He inspires me to be a better person by helping me to see the good in people when I start to lose my faith in this dark world. He motivates me to do the things I otherwise would not have the strength to do. He is my better half. I am because we are. <3

4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – I Am Because We Are”

  1. That’s a good way of putting it. I am because we are. You do the same for me, in every way. Even when my head is screaming at me, when I feel like I have just stopped caring…you bring me up. You give me a reason to get out of bed. You give me a reason to not just hate myself like I’m so prone to doing. And even on my worst days, you’re always there for me. I am because we are. *hugs*

  2. We all need that one person in our lives who is always there for us, who hugs us when we need it, who supports us always, and who loves us for who we are. It’s just wonderful to have it!

    Rebel xox

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