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Surprise Visit

Day 19, post 19 – Not a big post, but a post nonetheless.

It had been over a half year that Aaron and I had been in our new home and my dad had still not been by. Everytime we talked I made sure to bug him about it because I really wanted to show him around. We were proud of our new purchase and wanted to show it off. My dad has had a lot going on, so he never really got the chance. In fact, it was time that I start trying to bug him about it.

A few weekends ago Aaron and I were cuddling naked in bed, where I was just waking up. We were contemplating a shower before getting the day started, and even thinking about sex for a change. We finally mustered the motivation to get up and get moving.

“Hey, there’s someone parked behind my car in the driveway,” Aaron noticed when he looked out the window.

“Well that’s rude,” I answered back, looking out the window myself. “Oh shit! That’s my dad!” Aaron and I started moving much quicker then, throwing on our clothes. I was the first to run downstairs and open the door. My stepmom was just walking away and turned back when she heard the door.

“Oh, you are home. Hey honey, they are home!” she exclaimed to my dad who was out of sight.

“Sorry, were were upstairs and didn’t hear you,” I told her.

“Oh, I get it. You two were up there romping.”

Of course I blushed and denied it. Overall it was a nice visit, as surprising as it was. I was glad we got to show them around.We definitely were not romping, but we certainly did later.

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