A Step in the Right Direction

Day 20, post 20 –

Years ago I mentioned how Toby put his hand around my throat (gently-ish) and I hated it. It makes sense, because I did not trust him. There was a tiny bit of it that was thrilling though, so I tried it when I masturbated a few times. I really liked it then, and came harder than usual. I would always forget about that technique eventually, until I remembered and did it again.

The other day I was rubbing on Aaron, up and down his neck and back. At one point I lightly placed my hand on his throat and ever so gently traced my fingers around that area. His cock got hard, fast.

“Wow, you must like that,” I stated. “Either that or you trust me. Or both.”

“Yes,” was all he could say, his face smiling and his eyes closed. I kept up with my soft strokes.

After we had sex, we were working on my orgasm. I was somewhere in the middle and I felt his hand travel to my throat. Immediately blood rushed between my legs and I felt my orgasm coming. For the first time in a long time, it was stronger than usual. After I came down from my peak, I relaxed with my eyes shut.

We talked about it, and want to try that out more. It feels like a very good step in the right direction of discovering myself.

What things happened that surprised you or your partner when you/they felt turned on by it?

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