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What is the Worst That Can Happen?

Day 22, post 22 – A not so sexy post, but it is quite positive. So maybe that’s sexy in itself.

A week and a half ago my supervisor asked me what I was afraid of. She suggested that I was afraid of succeeding. She gave me some homework to think on, and wants an answer this week when I have my one year review. All week I have thought about it, and I think I finally have the answer.

I most definitely am not afraid of succeeding. In fact, I very much want to succeed. I want to do good and make everyone around me proud. I am however, afraid of failure and the embarrassment that comes with it. You know what though? I won’t know if I succeed or fail unless I try. What is the worst that can happen? Even if I do fail, I can learn from my mistakes and do better next time. I finally feel ready to answer her question.

A position in my office has opened up that would be a small step up from what I can do now. My coworkers all think that I will get that spot. I hope I do. I updated my resume to show my current position and its duties, and applied for the promotion. I am terrified, but I need to put myself out there.

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