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Wicked Wednesday – Valentine

Day 24, Post 24

Growing up, I always imagined having the romantic day and evening that is portrayed in the movies. If I was just dating (in my dreams), I imagined being picked up by the guy and us going on a fancy(ish) dinner date. He would buy me flowers and chocolates and a sweet, romantic card. I would also give him a card and his favorite Valentine treats. We would enjoy the rest of the evening at home and drink wine and cuddle by the fire watching some romantic movie. When I got older, I imagined we would be doing all of the above, plus some naughty fun.

In high school I was always envious of my classmates and their dates, and the flowers and Valentunes they were sent by their significant other. In college I became bitter, as I still had never been on a Valentines date. It wasn’t until my second year of college that a coworker and I started hanging out and we made my first ever Valentines plans. He picked me up after he got off work and we went back to his place. He cooked me dinner and dessert, as well as gave me chocolates, a card, a bracelet, and a few other small gifts and candies. A week later we started dating (and lasted 7 months). There is a lot behind this, and I have mentioned it before in the beginning of this blog.

Two years later I started was dating someone new (Will) and he made reservations to my favorite Chinese restaurant. He picked me up and we ordered a ton of food ( so that we could enjoy leftovers together the next day). After dinner he dropped me off. I honestly do not remember much else. I think he went to work and came over when he got off work in the morning? Overall it was a nice night, especially being a first true “date” of going out of the house. Plus the first time eating under reservations.

Now that I have lived bits and pieces of this “fantasy,” I find it slightly overrated. I am even more of an introvert, so I have absolutely no interest in going out (though there is a tiny part of me that would love to be surprised and taken out). Aaron and I are more than happy to prepare a special meal of our favorite foods that we don’t get to have that often. We are both introverts, so happy to avoid the busy restaurants that jack up their “event menu” prices.

This Valentines day we have a salmon to cook (with lemon, garlic, and honey) with a side of garlic Parmesan pasta. We have a dessert in planning. Nothing too extravagant, but special to us. We also have a bottle of wine for me (since he doesn’t drink), and a three day weekend. There will probably be some naughty fun thrown into the mix. We are excited to be in each other’s company.

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