Day 25 – Post 25

Wednesday was a day off for us, as work was closed. We planned to put our phones on airplane mode and just focus on each other, since we hadn’t done that in a long time. We also wanted to make it special since one month from Wednesday was two and a half years. Plus we have to work Valentine’s Day. Before leaving work on Tuesday, the boss asked if I would be available to work extra if she called. There was lots to do, and everyone was behind.. I told her that yes, we were available if needed. That call or text never came in, so we had a morning filled with just us.

After breakfast (in bed), we got put down the throe and got out my clitoris and nipple pump because it was long over due for a review. First we played with the different sized cups and tested them on his nipples. I found it fascinating watching his nipples expand within seconds. I wanted to try them on my nipples first, but since they are pierced we could only use the biggest cup. It was fun and entertaining. Next I had use each size on my clit. There was a lot of giggling, and some pictures taken.

After the pump play, we decided to shave our nether regions. One thing I have always wanted to do was have him do the shaving. I laid down on the bed with my left leg on the foot board and my right leg on the chair, spreading myself for easier access. As he saved, it tickled and I couldn’t stop giggling. As he was wrapping things up, I thought he was done, so I sat up and accidentally kicked over the pube water (Water in a cup used to rinse hair and shaving cream off of the razor). Whoops! More laughing from me while we cleaned it up. We hopped in the shower where he shaved himself and I rinsed off.

After the shower We got back on the throe and I used the Womanizer while he fingered me. Since we were on the throe, I let myself squirt. Squirting has been something that I seem to do every single time I use the Womanizer. I don’t know if it is because I don’t masturbate all the frequently, or what. Aaron finds it hot, but I get irritated if the sheets are freshly changed. We usually forget to pull out the throe when I do masturbate.

After my orgasm and a bit of cuddling, we had sex. I got in position (doggy style) and he gripped my hips while he pounded me from behind. Both of us were moaning, calling for each other. Our genitals were extra sensitive for being freshly shaved.

After sex, we got dressed (in comfy clothes) and headed downstairs with laundry and the throe to wash. We had lunch and watch some Netflix, just being us.


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