Book Review – My Life on the Swingset

Day 28, post 27 – I mentioned before that I love to read, and when I find a book I can’t put down I lose myself (in a good way). This is another review that took way too long to do, and I am sorry. Especially since this book really kept my interest (as in I had great difficulties putting it down). Full disclosure, originally the ebook was¬† provided to me by the author free in exchange for my honest review. I somehow lost the download I had after I took my mental health break and purchased it (even though I was offered a new copy.

As I said above, I absolutely loved “My Life on the Swingset” by Cooper S. Beckett. This book is a memoir of the first five years of Cooper’s adventure into ethical non-monogamy. It is a collection of original blog posts and personal essays, plus some edits and extra content. The book is split into four sections, with 18-19 chapters each. I found Cooper’s writing to be very conversational, funny, and sarcastic; all of which are things that keep me reading.

In the beginning of the book, there is a glossary (that Cooper calls a Lexicon) that gives definitions to words and phrases that someone who is new to swinging might want to know and that are used in the book.

Even though¬†My Life on the Swingset is about swinging and exploring polyamory, I found this book helpful in every day life as well. One particular chapter I found really helpful (and even had the courage to mention to a coworker) was in part 3, chapter 5 – Taking Yes for an Answer. There was a lot about communication and language, as well as learnign to accept “yes” without questioning it. My coworker mentioned how her and her boyfriend working on learning not to question each other and accept yes as an answer. I was able to add “in this book I am reading there is a chapter about that. It describes about how when we question our partner’s “yes,” they end up starting to question it as well and wonder if they should have said “no.” I found myself reading bits and pieces out loud to my boyfriend when things were relevant, or even just funny. Another favorite chapter of mine was from section 2, chapter 13 – How to Hide a Sex Swing.

Overall, I absolutely loved reading about Cooper’s beginning explorations into ethical non-monogamy and polyamory. Even though my boyfriend and I do not see ourselves venturing into the lifestyle anytime soon, if ever, I still enjoy reading about it. I love the idea of that openness and trust. I also loved the fact that I was able to bring up this book and one of it’s chapters in the middle of my work office with no shame because some parts were relevant to everyday life. There are some great lessons in here to read.

Thank you so much Cooper, for allowing me to read this book, and I am looking forward to reading your other works. Readers, please stay tuned for more reviews. You can find Cooper and his books on his website and on Amazon. This book (and his others) can be purchased as ebook, paperback, and audiobook. You can find him on Twitter @CooperSBeckett.

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