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For the Health of it – Physical Health

Thank you May for telling me about this new meme by MPBJulie!

Even though I have always been overweight, I have always considered myself healthy. I have a very strong immune system, so I rarely get sick. As I get older though, I feel less healthy. Because I have always been overweight, it has always been difficult to exercise. P.E. was always my most hated class is school. Because of that, I have mostly relied on diet to try to lose weight. I find that just dieting can work, but it makes it more difficult. That said, I went to the gym daily for a month straight while dieting and I still gained weight (that was not muscle weight). Maybe I was doing something wrong, or just wasn’t pushing myself enough.

In November 2017 I started the keto diet. To this date, this is the only diet that has ever really truly worked for me. Keto sounds ass backwards, as it is a high fat, moderate protein, and extremely low carb diet. I did really good on it for almost a year, but after my 30th birthday I began a terrible pattern of yo-yo-ing with it. Keto is not a good diet to yo-yo on, as it is much easier to gain weight back after getting out of ketosis. I have learned the hard way. However, depression has been a bigger factor lately, making dieting even harder. I miss my usual comfort foods.

I find that the older I get, the harder it is to lose weight. I also have noticed that I am getting less sleep. I either stay up too late because there is not enough time in the day to do the things I want, or I just lose track of time completely, especially on my days off.

Overall, I am trying. Things like life, sleep, and depression make it harder to stay motivated and on track. I want to do better, and need to do better.

2 thoughts on “For the Health of it – Physical Health”

  1. Thanks for joining in with For the Health of it. I think much of what you say will ring true for others. Keeping fit and losing weight is difficult to keep doing. I’ve certainly found that. It’s good that Keto is working for you, but I completely get that when you’re suffering mental health while it’s difficult not to go back to sugar and processed foods.

  2. One thing I have always noticed about you is that you are very self aware in that you understand yourself and do not make excuses either. That is such a good trait and makes me feel that now u are aware that u are not feeling so healthy u will put in place some changes – Good luck Sweet x

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