Product Review – Coconut Shell Massage Candle

My boyfriend and I have been feeling a lot of stress lately, and work has made us kind of forget about basic touch. One night a few weeks ago we did some brainstorming on how to get back into things. With my birth control causing massive depression, it has been hard to relax and touch. One thing we thought of was learning to massage. We decided to try some massage oil candles, as I have had a good experience with those.

Late one Saturday night I was browsing Etsy and I found a really neat and creative looking product. It was a massage oil candle in a coconut shell. I was used to seeing candles like that in jars and other glass bottles. After messaging with the shop owner (who is very quick to respond and lovely to work with) and talking to my boyfriend, we decided to buy one to try.

The candle is a 3-in-1, being aromatherapy, a candle, and a lotion combined. The candle is made from beeswax, raw cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and scented essential oils. When ordering, you get to choose between 1 and three scents. After talking with the shop owner, I decided to go with Ylang Ylang scent, which is an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and centers us.

We really enjoyed this candle. The scent was very relaxing, both in smell and massage. I usually get awful anxiety about having work the next day, but after being around the lit candle, that anxiety went away and it wasn’t nearly as bad the next day. The melted wax is a fantastic combination that is slick, but does not feel greasy. A little bit of oil really goes a long way. I also love the different approach to holding the candle by being in a real coconut shell. While you can choose between a regular soy wick and a wood wick, we went with the traditional soy wick. The coconut shell can later be re-purposed as a jewelry holder, candy dish, etc.

With my order, I was also provided a free sample of homemade massage oil. The scent was mandarin (as that was one I expressed interest in originally when picking out my candle). The massage oil was lovely, and absorbed into the skin nicely without feeling greasy.

The shop to find these candles is “MakeScentsOfNature,” and I will definitely be buying again. The shop owner is a licensed massage therapist with over 5 years creating custom massage oils and lotions, along with massage oil candles, you can find other natural, homemade products (Cocoa Butter Body Bars, Exfoliation Scrubs, customized natural perfumes, etc). You should check out the shop! There is so much more that I want to try! Even better news, along with shipping in the U.S.A., you can get shipping to Canada, Australia, and the U.k.

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