March 2020

For the Health of it – Eating Out

I have always enjoyed eating out. (I will try to refrain myself from making too many innuendos). It is convenient for so many reasons (socializing, bonding, no dishes, etc). There was a time when I ate out at least once or twice a week. That was usually when I worked graveyard shift and the only time I could hang out with friends or family. Some favorites are Mexican food, sushi… Read More »For the Health of it – Eating Out

SB4MH – Boundaries

Content Warning – Fatshaming, Doctor’s Office. I really have only one major boundary, and that is to not talk about my weight or anything to do with weight. I am getting better about it, especially when I am the one to bring it up, but it is still a very sensitive topic for me. This post is about my struggles with doctors and the outside world. Back in December, I… Read More »SB4MH – Boundaries

SB4MH – Social Anxiety

I am unsure if social anxiety is something new in my life, or it has always been present and I chocked it up to just being nervous. Either way, I know now that I do have social anxiety. Some days are better than others, depending on the situation. I have always been socially awkward. People tend to find me annoying. I was a very clingy and attention needy kid. I… Read More »SB4MH – Social Anxiety

Product Review – Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube

It was only recently that I really discovered how much fun lube can be. Lately lube has become more of a necessity than an added extra (due to vaginal dryness from birth control). My dryness put me on a search for the perfect (for me) lube. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube by Live Well Brands. The ingredients are all natural and organic, with no… Read More »Product Review – Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube