Product Review – Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube

It was only recently that I really discovered how much fun lube can be. Lately lube has become more of a necessity than an added extra (due to vaginal dryness from birth control). My dryness put me on a search for the perfect (for me) lube. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube by Live Well Brands. The ingredients are all natural and organic, with no parabens or glycerin that other lubes may contain. I reached out to Aloe Cadabra and they provided me three different lubes in exchange for my honest review. Of the 12 types and flavors, I chose natural unscented, naked strawberry, and pina colada.

All of the lubes are water based, but a thick viscosity. With the lubes being 95% aloe, they make a great vaginal moisturizer (as the name says). One thing the directions suggest is putting the lube on something to insert (a finger, dildo, or dilator works great), and just let it set for a few minutes. I tried this and within a minute or two I was feeling moisturized and refreshed. My boyfriend and I used the lubes during PIV sex and I could definitely feel a difference in use compared to other lubes. Along with the moisturizing feeling, the lubes are thick enough to not slide off of whatever is going inside, and it stays lubed.


Just like the name says, this lube has no taste or smell. I found this one to be my favorite for use as a moisturizer and as a sexual lubricant.

Naked Strawberry and Pina Colada

The Naked Strawberry tastes just like fresh strawberries and I want to eat it straight from the tube. I won’t do this, but it tastes and smells like the real thing. The Pina Colada tastes just like my favorite party drink and makes me crave a stiff one. (Please excuse my pun, it was way too hard to resist (heh)).  Both (and all flavors) are sweetened with organic stevia. I found these to be a great prelude and companion for oral sex that led to PIV sex.

What these lubes are made of

First off, they have a ton of organic aloe vera in them. Aloe vera has been a natural healing plant used for centuries and promotes rapid skin repair. Aloe Cadabra also contains Vitamin E Oil to nourish and enhance, Xanthan to thicken, and Citric Acid as a natural preservative.


I (and my boyfriend) really loved these lubes, and I will definitely get more in the future. I found that they really helped lubricate and moisturize without feeling sticky or gross afterwards. For the two flavors I tried, they tasted like the real thing. My boyfriend also really liked these lubes, both in flavor (when applicable), and in functionality. He liked that it didn’t slide off as soon as it applied (the way that other lubes do). When you check out online, you can use coupon code “AFSweets” to receive 25% off and free shipping in the U.S. (This code is valid once per customer). Along with lubes, Aloe Cadabra has a massage oil that I really hope to try soon!

A bit of strawberry. All lubes have a neutral flavor (shown here) and are very thick. I find this to be a good thing.















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